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How NovoTHOR helps with migraine neck pain


Do you suffer from migraines from neck pain? Are you currently receiving treatment? Haven’t figured out what treatment you prefer yet? Have you considered how NovoTHOR can help alleviate this pain? 

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Can NovoTHOR Help with Back Pain Relief?


NovoTHOR full body treatment pod utilises photobiomodulation therapy (PBM) to painlessly treat an array of ailments, aches and pains. NovoTHOR is especially effective in treating inflammation and chronic pain

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woman rubbing neck

What Aches and Pains Can Benefit from NovoTHOR?


NovoTHOR is a whole-body treatment that directly treats a variety of ailments and conditions. Find out what aches and pains can benefit from NovoTHOR.

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novothor pod

All Your FAQs About Photobiomodulation


Ever wondered what photobiomodulation is? How exactly NovoTHOR works? Wonder no more - we have answered all your frequently asked questions.

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Is NovoTHOR Safe?


NovoTHOR is a whole-body red light therapy pod, and yes, it’s safe. This machine emits red and infrared light to treat numerous ailments and injuries.

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How NovoTHOR helps increase muscle performance


You may have heard of the NovoTHOR Light Therapy Pod and all the benefits associated with the treatments, but how does it work? We highlight across our socials and website how NovoTHOR is endorsed by many professional athletes as they find it increases their muscle performance, and overall training and sports performance.

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NovoTHOR machine

Everything you need to know about red light therapy


You may have heard of red light therapy, or it might be a completely new concept to you. It is a treatment that NovoGen is proud to offer, thanks to the NovoTHOR machine, the only one of its kind in Mackay. 

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What is photobiomodulation therapy?


It is often queried what is the difference between Photobiomodulation Therapy and Low-Level Laser (Light) Therapy (LLLT) - put simply, nothing.

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The Benefits Of NovoGen


You may have heard of the NovoTHOR light therapy pod, however, as this technology is new to Australian shores there's a good chance you have not.

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