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How NovoTHOR helps increase muscle performance

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You may have heard of the NovoTHOR Light Therapy Pod and all the benefits associated with the treatments, but how does it work?

We highlight across our socials and website how NovoTHOR is endorsed by many professional athletes as they find it increases their muscle performance, and overall training and sports performance. At NovoGen, we highly recommend adding the NovoTHOR Light Therapy Pod as a regular part of recovery to athletes, bodybuilders, and anyone that is consistently training. 

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So how exactly does this work?

NovoTHOR helps aid in recovery, and recovery and performance go hand in hand. Recovery can be an athlete’s secret weapon to outperform competitors. It is the key to training harder and for longer. Proper recovery also helps prevent injury and downtimes, helping athletes to train consistently. 

Don’t just take our word for it. The best evidence for something truly working, is seeing it in action. The NovoTHOR has been something that USA athletes have sworn by to improve their performance and training. Thankfully, this revolutionary therapy pod has now made it to Australian shores! With NovoGen in Mackay having 1 of only 9 machines in Australia. 

Here are some testimonials from USA Olympic athletes that swear by NovoTHOR for muscle performance:

Justin Gatlin

Olympic Gold Medalist

World Championships Gold Medalist

Justin gatlin

Justin’s trainer introduced him to the NovoTHOR Light Therapy Pod, he tried it one day and reported feeling ‘rejuvenated’, so booked in for a session the very next day which was also the day of his race. His second treatment he felt great afterwards going to his race that day. The odds were against him, running with an injury and in lane 8 which meant he was running ‘blind’. He then proceeded to run one of the fastest times in the world to make the Olympic team.

Justin’s head coach Dennis Mitchell reports the difference in Justin one day to the next after using the NovoTHOR Light Therapy Pod was like night and day.

Kaylin Whitney

World Junior Championships Gold Medalist

Professional athlete 

kaylin whitney

“Training became super easy, I would barely feel lactic acid in my workouts and recovered day to day astronomically from years past”

Kaylin went on to be one of the youngest athletes in history to sign professionally with Nike!

Murielle Ahouré

World Championships Silver Medalist

Olympic Athlete

murielle ahoure

“I feel like I am literally tanning on the beach in Monaco. It’s so soothing. So relaxing. It’s warm and cosy.”

It’s no surprise that athletes prefer this recovery method to something like an ice bath that is extremely uncomfortable and not relaxing. 

Dennis Mitchell

Olympic Gold Medalist

Star Athletes: Head Coach

Dennis mitchell

“I had a guy that suffered a hamstring injury on Tuesday and ran track with me on Saturday. That’s how confident we are with the recovery aspects of the NovoTHOR.”

“I started seeing our athletes’ energy levels were not deteriorating throughout the week. I found that when they came into practise on Monday, they still had that same level of energy as when they left practice on Friday.”

“I don’t have to decrease the training volume throughout the week, I can maintain the volume. That gives me a lot of flexibility to increase the distance work and quality of training. Now, these athletes are going (to a NovoTHOR session) in the morning, or after practice, and they are finding it is also relaxing them after a hard training session.” 

Are you ready to add the NovoTHOR Light Therapy Pod into your training and recovery regime? Contact NovoGen today!