About NovoGen

NovoGen is a dedicated place for a whole-body wellness and rejuvenation. Using nature’s most powerful, clean, harmless source of healing; LIGHT

NovoGen uses the NovoTHOR whole-body light therapy pod. NovoTHOR pod is now in Mackay; 1 of 9 machines in Australia. NovoTHOR light pod uses red and near-infrared light. This spectrum of light known to help with injuries, pain, relax muscles/joints and increase blood circulation. This light effect is called Photobiomodulation PBM or Low Level Laser Therapy LLLT. It works on the cellular level to get rid of Oxidative stress particles and Nitric Oxide then stimulate and improve the energy factory within the cell (Mitochondria) to produce more energy and increase blood flow.

Understand the benefits of NovoGen