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Is NovoTHOR Safe?

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NovoTHOR is a whole-body red light therapy pod, and yes, it’s safe. This machine emits red and infrared light to treat numerous ailments and injuries. This light therapy treatment is painless and efficient, taking only 15 minutes. Red light therapy has been the subject of extensive scientific research with over 4,000 laboratory studies and 500 human trials. Because of this, you can trust that it produces results and is safe as well. The practice of utilising this light to treat ailments is known as photobiomodulation therapy (PBMT) or low-level laser therapy (LLLT). It can assist with treating injuries, fatigue and can improve blood circulation which aids in recovery. 

To find out the science behind how NovoTHOR works as well as its benefits check out the article below. 

What is the Science Behind NovoTHOR?

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Light therapy treats the whole body at once and works by reducing oxidative stress at a cellular level. Oxidative stress is an imbalance in the body that can lead to inflammation among other things. NovoTHOR’s light therapy works at a cellular level to reduce any inflammation and pain. This is in contrast to many medications, which only mask the pain instead of directly treating it. 

NovoTHOR has been creating light treatment machines since 1991 and has refined its product to the state of the art pods we see today. NovoTHOR is committed to education and research about PBMT’s effectiveness and safety, with the company having contributed to over 50 academic papers and has partnered with over 30 universities around the world. As well as this, the CEO of NovoTHOR’s parent company, James Carrol, has presented at Congressional Hearings and the United Nations Global Health Impact Forum on the benefits of PBMT. 

Scientific evidence backs the effectiveness of the NovoTHOR’s therapy, with patients being able to exert 38% more force than those who received a placebo treatment. The same study also concluded that light treatment was more effective than cryotherapy. Another study conducted with competitive cyclists found that those who received light therapy could exercise for 19% longer compared to those who received the placebo. 

Light therapy has been found to be effective for everyday injuries and ailments. For example, the British Medical Journal found that this treatment was beneficial for short-term pain relief and improvement of function for those suffering from tennis elbow. Similarly, light therapy was found to be significantly more effective in preventing delayed onset muscle soreness than the placebo treatment. 

What are the Benefits of NovoTHOR?

Whether you are an athlete or just someone looking for general stress and pain relief, NovoTHOR can work for you. With no known side effects, the NovoTHOR is a great non-invasive treatment option for those looking for fast and effective recovery. Improved circulation from NovoTHOR treatment will allow your body to heal and perform at its best. 

NovoTHOR treatment is recommended around once per week and with an estimated treatment time of 10-15 minutes, it is a quick and effective way to look after your wellbeing. 

Looking to try out the NovoTHOR for yourself? Contact us at NovoGen and we are more than happy to get your regenerative laser healing journey started. There is a range of introductory offers and packages so you can be sure that whatever your budget and needs, we have the right deal for you.