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All Your FAQs About Photobiomodulation

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What is photobiomodulation therapy?

Photobiomodulation therapy consists of the application of red and near-infrared light to the body. This treatment has also previously been known as Low-Level Laser Therapy. Photobiomodulation is a highly sought after treatment because it is painless, has no side effects and only takes between 8 and 20 minutes. So why do people undertake photobiomodulation and how does it work? 

What are the benefits of photobiomodulation?

Photobiomodulation therapy is greatly beneficial to recovery as it has been clinically shown to improve circulation and blow flow. Why is that significant? Well, increased blood flow assists the body in speeding up its recovery process, reducing inflammation and improving muscle repair. This has the effect of improving muscle performance, reducing pain, improving joint motion and enhancing the wound healing process.

There is a range of conditions that photobiomodulation can treat. Photobiomodulation has been particularly effective for numerous conditions, including:

Chronic fatigue
General soreness

Photobiomodulation is a whole-body therapy and is painless. The only sensation you may feel is a slight warmth that comes with increased blood flow. 

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How does photobiomodulation work?

Poor lifestyle habits, illness and even strenuous exercise can put stress on the body and produce an unstable molecule called free radicals. Our body neutralises these free radicals through rest and antioxidants. However, an imbalance of antioxidants and free radicals can arise in your body and this results in a phenomenon known as oxidative stress. Oxidative stress has been found to be a contributory factor to ageing, inflammation and other chronic diseases.

So what does photobiomodulation have to do with oxidative stress? Well, one thing that photobiomodulation does very well is reducing oxidative stress. By removing this stress on the cells, photobiomodulation directly contributes to the recovery process.

How does photobiomodulation differ from other treatments?

Many medications only mask pain symptoms whereas photobiomodulation directly treats symptoms. photobiomodulation promotes the body’s repair process and normalises cell function. While it is true that many chronic conditions cannot be directly cured, photobiomodulation offers an alternative to medication in managing pain in a non-invasive and safe way.  

How is photobiomodulation administered?

NovoTHOR is a full-body pod that applies red and near-infrared light to the body. Treatment time ranges from 8 to 20 minutes and is backed by science to ensure optimal dosage. Photobiomodulation can be administered daily however most people do not see significant benefits from this frequency. Rather, 1 to 2 sessions per week are preferred, with this, of course, being flexible due to your own requirements and suggestions from technicians.

Most commonly, people take at least two sessions to start experiencing some relief from lingering conditions. 

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Is photobiomodulation backed by science?

Over 400 scientific trials have been conducted using photobiomodulation, and scientists have concluded that the therapy is beneficial to performance and recovery. photobiomodulation has been featured in over 4000 laboratory studies and is used in over 70 nations so you can trust that the treatment has been scrutinised. Previous studies have shown that people who were exposed to photobiomodulation have a much higher recovery rate from soreness and injury than those who were given the placebo. Also, evidence suggests that athletes that undertook photobiomodulation also saw improved endurance and performance. 

Are there any precautions for photobiomodulation?

If you intend to use NovoTHOR but have any of the following conditions, please notify your technician before undertaking treatment: 

  • Cancer
  • Epilepsy
  • Pregnancy
  • You are taking medications or supplements that cause light sensitivity 


As seen above, photobiomodulation therapy has numerous benefits that can improve performance and general quality of life. To get your photobiomodulation journey started, get in touch with NovoGen. Home of the NovoTHOR full body pod in Queensland, NovoGen is experienced in administering photobiomodulation treatments.