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How Photobiomodulation Can Help Jet Lag?

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Are you feeling the effects of a long flight and suffering from jet lag? 

If so, photobiomodulation (also known as low-level light therapy or LLLT) could be the answer you’re looking for. This innovative treatment is gaining recognition in the health and wellness community due to its ability to combat the mental and physical fatigue associated with jet lag.

Photobiomodulation is a noninvasive technique that uses light energy to stimulate your body and mind. Low-level light waves gently penetrate your skin and work to reset your internal clock and balance hormones. In essence, this technology resets your circadian rhythm so that it once again matches up with local time no matter where you go. This can help offset tiredness, grogginess, poor focus, digestive issues, dehydration, and other symptoms caused by crossing multiple time zones.

Not only does photobiomodulation treat the symptoms of jet lag, but it also helps promote overall well-being by boosting energy levels and improving sleep quality. By using this treatment in tandem with regular exercise and healthy eating habits, you can achieve optimal performance when traveling long distances.

If you’re interested in trying out photobiomodulation for yourself, there are a few ways to do it. You can use specialized devices such as masks or goggles equipped with LED lights that provide targeted therapy to specific areas of your face or body. You can also purchase dedicated portable panels featuring red or infrared lighting which can be set up quickly in any hotel room or office space during travel.

Regardless of how you choose to go about it, one thing is clear: photobiomodulation is an effective way to combat jet lag and get back on track quickly after a long flight!

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